Built in Connahs Quay in 1900 and named "Lizzie May". Sold to Martyn Fleming of Youghal Ireland in 1908 and re named after his daughters Kathleen & May". Working the ports of western England , Wales and the south and east ports of Ireland. Crewed by skipper, boy and four seamen, operating under sail only. Bought by Tommy Jewell in 1931 the ship had an auxilary engine fitted, the top masts taken down and the bowsprit reduced. She continued trading in this manner with now only a crew of four up to 1960, bringing her last cargo from Cardiff to Bideford. Bringing to an end centuraries of transporting cargo under sail. Eleven years later the Kathleen & May was partly restored by the Maritime trust and put on show first in Plymouth then in London.

By 1995 the ship was in a seriously distressed state and required major restoration work. Lacking the essential funds the ship was closed to the public and after having the masts & spars removed was taken round to Gloucester docks to await an uncertain end. Saved in time by Bideford businessman Steve Clarke and bought back to her home port for a full restoration. For his part in the restoration and contribution to our maritime heritage Mr Clarke received the OBE.
The full story of the Kathleen & May is available at only £3.00 plus postage.

The ship is of historic importance, and, as the last of her type, is part of the Core Collection of the National Register of Historic Vessels (NRHV).

Drawing of the ship

Drawing of the ship
This is how the Kathleen & May would have looked between 1900 and 1930. With with square sails to the fore topmast and gaff topsails to the main and mizzen.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

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If we appear to be aground, the crew is probably on a run ashore!

16/10/08 20:00:  The ship is back in her mudberth at Brunswick Wharf, East-the-Water.

11/10/08 16:00:  The ship moved 200 yds north along the quay, to make space for a freighter due Sunday.

1/10/08 18:00:  The ship will remain alongside Bideford Quay until around 11 October, when the plan is to do the Brest run to collect the cargo.

30/09/08 06:00: Currently alongside Bideford Town Quay for another two nights, to avoid adverse weather. We now plan to slip the berth on the Thursday morning flood tide, in order to clear the new Torridge Bridge and then cross the Bar.

29/09/08 19:00:  Slipped Brunswick Wharf and moved across to Bideford Quay for the night.

29/09/08 06:00: Alongside Brunswick Wharf, East-the-Water, awaiting this evening's high tide.


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By "run ashore" you mean the Kings Arms when you get on the quay tonight :D

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If anybody has any info about my 3x great grandfather, JAMES BAIRD of Ferguson and Baird, I would be very grateful to receive it. Thanks. markgronow@yahoo.co.uk (01646 694833)